Here's the perfect wedding favor for the perfect day. Personalize each one with the name of the bride, groom and wedding date. A unique keepsake that will live on long after the event has passed. These are a wonderful way to say thank you for sharing this special day.

Personalization included.

Come filled with one of the following seven choices:
*White Peppermint - A nice white small and shiny mild mint candy that your guests will love. They are very elegant. These mints are a hit with everyone.
*Breath Mints - A little mint that is great for freshening your breath. Mild, not overly powerful.
*Gumballs - Bright colored tasty gumballs. 1/2" round.
*Mint Gum - Fresh Mint Taste! Bananas - Cute little banana shapes with banana flavor!
*Ducks - The cutest new thing! Perfect for baby showers. Coated candies with a Smartie candy type center.
*Sour Apple - Powdery sour coating and sweet flavor inside.
From Favors by Serendipity
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