Life is like a day at the beach! Celebrate your beach themed wedding with our personalized loose tea tin wedding favors. Select from either our "beach" blue color or white label and personalize with 2 lines of text. Tins measure 2" H x 1.5" W and holds enough tea leaves to make 5-7 cups of tea.

Each tin is filled to the brim with 0.7 oz of fresh, loose-leaf tea in two flavors: Jasmine and Green. Our tea has a light, mild flavor with a smooth finish. It tastes great with mint, lemon or honey. All tins are sent with an full list of ingredients and a green leaf printed to the top.

Names and dates will appear in the format and font styles as depicted in the photos.

Minimum Order of 20 Tins PER Design & Flavor

Line 1 holds up to 14 characters
Line 2 holds up to 16 characters
From Little Things Favors
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  • "I can’t live without you"
  • : Eu não posso viver sem você
  • "I love you "
  • : Eu te amo    
  • "You look sexy"
  • : Você esta sexy
  • "I miss you"
  • : Estou com saudade de você
  • "My heart is yours"
  • : Meu coração é seu
  • "Together forever and ever"
  • : Juntos para sempre
  • "Will you marry me? "
  • : Você quer se casar comigo?
  • "I’ll always be by your side "
  • : Eu estarei sempre ao seu lado
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