5 Essential Tips that Will Have Your Bridesmaids Looking Their Best While Staying on a Budget

    Your wedding is that one day to show the world how classy, stylish, and chic you are… oh yeah, and that you’re in love. That’s why you’ve chosen the best of the best to surround yourself with: Your girls. You chose your bridesmaids because they are that group of ladies that you trust more than anything in the world to stand by your side on this special day. In case you’re not the laissez-faire bride who plans on letting their bridesmaids have the reigns, however, here are a few tips on how you can have your bridesmaids looking as chic and classy as you want your special day to be, and on a budget.

    1. Get a feel for the price range that they feel most comfortable in. Before you pick out that robin’s egg bridesmaid’s dress that perfectly complements your bashful pink centerpieces, make sure that your girls can afford it.

    2. When you’re considering dresses, take into consideration those fabulous pewter peep-toes that you imagine your girls strutting down the aisle in. A bit pricey? Realize that there are masses of gorgeous shoes out there that are less expensive for your blushing bridesmaids-to-be and let them go. It’s important to respect their budget wishes.

    3. Every dazzling dress and snazzy shoe needs that perfect accessory to complete the outfit. The girl’s can’t afford that gorgeous string of pearls that would perfectly compliment their champagne dress and alabaster complexion? No problem. Outlet stores such as DownEast Basics have excellent jewelry selection for prices that won’t break the bank. Grab yourself something shiny while you’re there.

    4. Can’t figure out how you want them to tame their locks? Decide on one broad style and let them take the reins on this one. Tell them that you trust their judgment and allow them to make their hair the best it can be. After all, nobody knows hair better than the person that it belongs to.

    5. Looking for flawless faces for fabulous pictures? Give the girls the general style of make-up that you want for them on your special day and allow them to handle that themselves. Explain to them that gaudy won’t do today, and let them work their magic.

    Remember that wedding planning, while stressful, should also be exciting. Surrounding yourself with the right women will ensure that you have an excellent day. Not forcing them to break the bank for your wedding will ensure that they have an excellent, too!


    Five Professionals You Should Consult With For Your Wedding And Why

    Your wedding day should be exactly what you want and expect, but planning a wedding certainty isn’t something you want to tackle alone. With professional help, you can have the ceremony you have always dreamed about. Here are five positions that should always be filled by a professional wedding expert to help make your day perfect, not to mention stress-free.


    Although you may have a friend in art school or a talented baker in the family that can make some really fabulous-looking cakes, it’s important to consult a professional for your wedding cake. They can tailor cakes to the exact design you want, and you can try dozens of flavors of cake and frosting to make sure your cake tastes good too. Some bakeries offer delivery so you don’t have to worry about toppling your cake en route to your location.


    You’re going to cherish your wedding photos for decades, so don’t hire your cousin’s best friend as a photographer. A wedding professional will know what equipment to use and how to work with any lighting, whether you’re planning an intimate outdoor event or a 500-person ballroom gala. Make sure you talk to your photographer and let them know what style you are looking for, as well as must-have shots during the ceremony and reception.

    Hair and Make-up Expert

    Brides should look stunningly beautiful on their wedding day. Your everyday make-up and hairstyle isn’t going to cut it for your big day. Find a salon in your area with beauty experts that cater to wedding parties, suggests professionals at Emerge Salon in Boston. You can find affordable customized bridal packages that even offer a trial run so you can test out your look before the wedding. Never use an expert who won’t let you test the hair and make-up beforehand. You never know when you might have a skin reaction to different make-up products until you try it.


    Feeding an entire wedding takes practice. If you’re planning on serving food at your wedding, book a caterer with experience. A professional will let you cater the meal based on number of guests, dietary preferences and budget. Never agree to a pre-packaged bundle. Always find a caterer who can make you a customized menu plan so you get the best value.

    Wedding Planner

    You’re going to need help to keep everything together. Certified wedding planners come with years of experience at coordinating perfect weddings. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with every last detail of your event. Reach out to a wedding planner so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. A good planner comes with a good network. Pick the right person, and you won’t have to spend hours looking for the right caterer or make-up artist.

    Your wedding day should be as stress-free as possible. Be smart and use the professional wedding community to make your ceremony perfect.


    Music Planning Tips for Small Weddings

    Photo credits: Ben Spark via Flickr cc

    Weddings give a reason to celebrate, regardless of how small or large your wedding party is. What better way to celebrate than to have some good old music playing in the background as you walk down the aisle to forever?

    However, couples may opt to not have any music at all for their wedding ceremony should they prefer to hold a small-scale event. It’s a practical decision, but it would be a shame to completely scrap out any type of music at all on your wedding day.  Music contributes not just by filling the silence, but also by setting the mood, and is a powerful method of expressing and invoking emotions.

    But how can you best utilize music for your small wedding ceremony?

    Finalize your venue

    Once you have your location set, all else will follow, including the type of music and songs you’ll need to prepare to be played. The length of the aisle, the wedding party size that can be accommodated by the church or venue of your choice, as well as the type of venue (enclosed, or outdoors) will need to be taken into consideration when planning your playlist for your wedding ceremony. It’s always best to be prepared for anything!

    Go for a more intimate sound

    Since you’re having a small wedding, there’s no need to go all out with an orchestra or string quartet. Doing so may even prove to be overkill, and can drown out the rest of the important aspects of the wedding. Opt for a more intimate sound, such as narrowing down to one special instrument. One good example is a piano, which creates a sound that fits well with the solemn ambiance of a wedding ceremony, and works well in enclosed spaces. Either a grand piano or a baby piano will do, just have it situated close to your guests or wedding party.

    An organ is also a good option; however, it typically produces a grand sound that can be irritating when loudly played. For small weddings, it’s best to settle with using the softer stops to produce a wonderfully soft sound that is perfect for small weddings.

    Stringed instruments such as guitars and violins work great as well, but if you decide to forego any instruments and have a vocalist sing during the ceremony instead, ensure that your singer is comfortable with singing in front of a small crowd that will most likely be seated nearby.

    Choose your moments

    Small weddings are usually held because the couple to be wedded would much rather prefer to have an intimate ceremony with only their closest and dearest present to watch them tie the knot. As such, only having the music playing at certain moments – and playing softly – will help to create that intimate mood.

    Only have music playing for a short period of time prior to the start of the ceremony, and take care to not have it overpower your guest’s voices as they mingle. The perfect type of music to play while waiting for the ceremony to begin is one that encourages people to talk freely among themselves without too much distraction.

    For the bridal processional, try to use just one song rather than having to cut a second song due to the processional being done. You may even opt to skip the recessional, as well as the postlude which should allow your guests to exit the ceremony venue much quicker to be able to head on to the reception venue.

    Whether you ultimately decide on having music playing on your ceremony or not, a small-scale wedding is an intimate affair that with the right kind and amount of music can be as memorable and joyful as any grand wedding of larger size, and can even make it a lot more special that if done without any music at all.

    About the author: Melissa Page loves everything about weddings. She writes wedding music articles for Music for Scotland, a live music agency who represents wedding bands across Scotland such as the Seattle wedding band. When she’s not busy writing, she hangs out with her friends in a coffee shop.


    6 Crazy Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Guests

    Did you ever stop to think why we invite guests for our weddings? The obvious reason is to make sure that the world knows about it. Your family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues at work, and everyone else you might invite come to wish you good. You need all that love. You’ll do well with those good wishes bearing upon you.

    As the big wedding day comes nearer, you are probably hustling in your mind. Thousands of ideas swim, nervousness almost consumes you, and you still have arrangements to make, guests to invite, event planning to take care of, and prepare yourself for a change in life.

    In all this rush, you’d not be hanged to death if you didn’t really think of a few ideas for return gifts for your guests. Yet, by giving away gifts for your guests, your wedding day becomes a lot more memorable (probably even more memorable than the respective wedding days of each guest who receives whacky gifts).

    Here are a few crazy, whacky, and outlandish ideas for gifts you can taunt your guests’ memories with:

    Subscription to a dating service
    What’s a better service you could do to your friends and family than giving them the gift of meeting someone awesome (just like you found your awesome better half)? Pick out all the singles in your guest list and offer them a one-year or two-year subscription to the most popular online dating service available (wherever you are).

    If they use their subscriptions well, you’ll have opened windows for their romantic world.

    A pack of condoms [for single men] & Contraceptive pills packs [for women]

    Safe sex is good. We all know it. Unsafe sex, however, is dangerous. You’d want none of your own people to go through anything bad that could happen due to momentary lapses of reason. So, give away packs of condoms for men and packs of contraceptives for women. That way, you’d give them something they’d need anyone and also drive home a point (as you should).

    Gift-wrap them so that no one knows what’s inside yet but they’d certainly walk away wondering “whoa….” when they do open the pack, and smile at your brazenness, really.

    Wild accessories

    Go ahead and think of the kind of stuff most people hesitate to buy – think exotic leather accessories, sexy lingerie, knifes, swords, hedonistic art murals, and many other such whacky items. You’d need to screen out and make a list of what accessories go out whom exactly, but it’s trouble worthy enough. Give your guests things as gifts that they’d not dare (or cannot) buy.

    Reignite Romance for everyone

    So, you are getting married and romance is all over the wall. It might not be the same case for most people attending your wedding. While the singles will pay their due respects to dates and the rise and fall in relationships, they always have a way out. The married couples among your guests aren’t so lucky. The romance and love between most of the couples would have probably fallen apart thanks to the rigors of everyday life.  They need some kind of a push to make their relationships come back to life.

    Instead of giving common gifts that they are likely to expect from every other wedding they might attend, give them something that will reignite their romance. Your budget will rule out a mid-life honeymoon but you could include bath salts, bath perfumes, free dining passes for couples, etc.

    Give discount coupons

    You’d not think of giving coupons out on your wedding day. Your guests won’t expect it either. After all, you aren’t a retailer or an ecommerce site owner that you’d have to worry about coupons or gift cards, but imagine this for a second: your guests are all consumers and all consumers look for discounts or ways to save money. Who knows, your coupons or gift cards might actually nudge them to buy something that they always wanted to buy.

    Since you don’t know what’s on everyone else’s mind and since consumers universally look for great deals, give away gift cards or coupons for general retailers or ecommerce sites to encourage your guests to buy whatever they want, only for a better price. If your coupons are low value, add them with other gifts. High value coupons or gift cards will do for standalone gifting.

    Personalized Wine Glasses

    When we read Stephanie Herbst’s post on thoughtful ideas that’ll make your guests love your wedding , one idea jumped right on us: personalized wine glasses. Stephanie’s idea was to etch your guests’ name on wine glasses so that they’ll always be able to find their glasses even in the middle of a drinking fest.
    We twisted that idea and thought of this: go ahead and etch names on glasses but add some more copy to it, which could go like:

    • “If you are seeing this, you are blessing us again”
    • “Cheers to your life. Coz’ you bought cheers to ours”
    • “Here’s a round of thanks for blessing us on our big day”

    You get the idea, don’t you? Your guests will remember your wedding each time they sip wine. Even if the glasses were to hang upside down off the hinges at your guests’ mini-bars at home, your wedding will something for them to cheer with. Of course, why stick with wine glasses? Go ahead and personalize beer mugs, key chains, and anything else that you can think of.

    The key is to add a line of copy to your personalization and not just leave the item with your guests’ names on these items. It’s this personalized lines that’ll make all the difference.

    If you don’t, you’d just be just as effective as a smart, customer-focused company.

    Do you want to make your wedding day memorable? If yes, how do you intend to do it? What kind of crazy ideas can you come up with for gifts that your guests can take home but remember you for life? Do you foresee any difference in normal gifts and whacky ones?

    Share your ideas with us.

    Author Bio: Claudia Johnson is a freelance writer for a long time. She likes Funny and unique gifts and in spare time she loves to write about fun gift items by Funslurp for men and women.


    Five Things You Need To Talk To Your Fiancé About Before The Wedding

    If you’ve found your soul mate and plan to walk down the aisle with them, then you should have a few serious discussions before

    you get to the church. Getting married means you’ll be combining your life with someone else. As the vows say, that will be in good times and in bad. You’ll have a much smoother start if you talk about these five things with your fiancé before the wedding:

    Where You Stand On Kids

    Raising a family goes hand in hand with getting married. However, there is the issue of timing. Do you want to start right away? Should you wait for a few years while you get on stronger financial footing? How many kids would you like to have? How far apart would you like to space them? Then there is the big question: What if your spouse doesn’t want kids and you do? If this having children is a deal breaker for your relationship, then you definitely need to talk about that before the wedding.


    As a single person, you’ve been able to manage your own finances. Even when the occasional shortage of funds had you applying for a payday advance loan, you were able to take care of business. There is no shame in getting help from a company like www.PowerFinanceTexas.com. Coming up short on monthly bill payments is something that happens to everyone. Will your future spouse understand this? Does she expect you to take on her financial burdens? Will you be setting up a household budget? Will there be a joint account? Next to the kid question, how you handle money is the biggest issue for new couples to sort out.

    Running The House

    If you’re already living together, then you’ve probably worked out the domestic duties. Of course, everything changes when you get married, right? Before you get into a situation where you’re fighting over who takes out the garbage, work out these details. Make sure the distribution of chores is an even one.

    Your Values

    By now you should have a strong sense of where your future spouse stands on the issue of religion and moral values. However, if there are any lingering issues now is the time to bring it up. This is works in with the discussion of raising children. If you come from two different spiritual backgrounds, you should be clear about how you’re going to present those concepts to your children.

    Resolving Fights

    There is an old adage about not going to bed angry with your spouse. That is certainly good advice, but it might not always be practical. You could be getting along fine now, but there will come a time when disagreements will crop up. You should talk about how you will handle fights. Perhaps you’re the type of person who shuts down when confronted. That is not keeping the lines of communication open, which is essential to a successful marriage.