Creative Ideas for Your Ring Bearer

Creative ring bearer idea - your pet as ring bearerThe traditional wedding party includes a ring bearer, typically a young boy between four and eight years old, who carries the wedding rings down the aisle tied to a pillow, explains Everything About Weddings. Usually the couple selects a ring bearer who is a family member, such as a nephew, cousin, their own son or the child of a family friend. However, many couples choose not to have a traditional ring bearer, either because there are no young boys in the family, or because they elect to have an adults-only wedding. Luckily if a couple does not have a traditional ring bearer there are a number of ways to ensure that the rings are presented during the ceremony in a way that suits their personality.

Your Ring Bearer Doesn’t Have to Be a Boy

First, if the couple wishes to include children in the wedding party, but the children are all girls, they can consider allowing their flower girl or junior bridesmaid to share the duty of carrying the rings. A flower girl carrying a basket of flower petals can carry the rings by placing a small ring pillow into her flower basket, or knot them onto a ribbon that adorns the basket. A junior bridesmaid could tie the rings onto the ribbon fastening her bouquet. If the couple has young men in the family that are older than traditional ring bearers, they may allow them to serve as junior groomsmen. If the couple wishes to include a baby in the wedding, the infant could ride in a wagon with the ring pillow pulled by another member of the wedding party.

Your “Other” Child, Your Pet, As Ring Bearer

Secondly, Celebrity Wedding Buzz reports a trend among brides like Carrie Underwood is to have their adored pet present the rings. Couples should inquire whether pets are allowed at the wedding site, if they have a service animal it should be permitted. The pet can be outfitted with a dressy or floral collar, and the rings tucked into an attached pouch. Couples should consider whether their pet is accustomed to lots of people, if not, it may need some practice. Include the pet at the wedding rehearsal, so that the pet can practice walking the aisle independently or with an escort. The couple should also identify someone who can walk the animal immediately before the ceremony, to avoid unpleasant accidents!

Do Something Totally Wacky and Fun

Thirdly, fun-loving couples hosting informal wedding ceremonies may choose playful ways of presenting the rings. For instance, race fans may have remote-controlled cars drive the rings down the aisle. If the bride or groom are pilots, remote-controlled helicopters may fly the rings in for a landing. Couples relying on vehicles should make sure that the operators have opportunities to practice, that the vehicles are within range for the distance they must travel, and that the vehicles are well-charged and have plenty of spare batteries on hand.

Present Your Rings With Pomp and Circumstance

Finally, couples who are performers may choose to have dancers or singers present the rings. A memorable way to incorporate music or dance is to stage a pre-ceremony flash mob where one of the participants presents the rings to the best man at the conclusion of the performance. Couples hosting a magically themed wedding may choose to have a magician or illusionist present the rings.

Whoever the couple selects to present the rings has an important role in the ceremony. The more elaborate a ring presentation that a couple chooses, the more important it is to provide practice opportunities will help to ensure that all participants know their roles on the big day. Ultimately, choosing an alternative to the traditional ring bearer is an excellent opportunity for the couple to bring their own style to the ceremony.

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