Dealing with a Grumpy Groom? 4 Ways to Get Him On Board with the Wedding Plans

It seems that many grooms propose to their brides, show up at the wedding but want to do very little in between. How can you get a man to take more of a real interest in the wedding? Some couples simply assume that the bride will handle all of the details, but it’s a lot more fun if it’s more of a partnership. Here are 4 ways to get the groom to participate more actively in the wedding plans.

Ask For His Opinion

If you are simply forging ahead and deciding everything, you may not be giving your fiance a chance to get involved. Make sure you ask his opinion on everything pertaining to the wedding. If he defers and tries to leave it up to you, you should persist and find out what he really prefers. This will show him that you really care what he thinks.

Give Him Assignments

If you really want the groom to show more of an interest in the wedding, give him some specific tasks to accomplish. Find something that’s in alignment with his skills, interests or profession. For example, if he’s an artist or graphic designer ask him to design the wedding invitations. Even if you can’t think of something that’s a perfect match for his abilities, make sure you delegate some wedding related tasks to him.

Don’t Insist on Formal Attire

Some grooms find it restrictive to have to wear a traditional tuxedo to the wedding. If your guy is the casual type, give him some leeway in this regard. You want his attire to match yours, of course, but that doesn’t necessarily require a tux. Many grooms appreciate a less formal dress code for the wedding. This one detail can make him feel more relaxed about the whole event. You have plenty of options for nice suits that aren’t as formal as a tux, and definitely won’t cost you as much. Some grooms have tried suits from Peter Werth clothing at for a more casual wedding, like a rustic theme or outdoor ceremony.

Show a Willingness to Compromise

When your fiance makes a suggestion for the wedding, at least be willing to discuss it. If the two of you have opposing ideas on certain things, try to reach a compromise. It’s best if you each get your way in certain areas. For example, if he has a favorite song he wants played at the wedding, you can agree to this even if you hate the song. Compromising in certain areas will make him more willing to compromise on things you want that he doesn’t agree with.

Getting a grumpy or indifferent groom involved in the wedding can take some effort, but it’s worth it. Planning the wedding is the first stage in your new life together, so you want it to be a shared experience.

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