Creative DIY Dessert Bars

In this post, I’m doing a round up of some great dessert bars that a few very creative brides have done as part of their wedding receptions. What I love about these ideas is the fact that the guests get to have a little fun playing with their food without getting grief from the food police. No throwing the toppings across the table please!

DIY Cupcake Topping Bar

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

The first one is a do-it-yourself cupcake bar, via Green Wedding Shoes. The bride and groom put a creative, fun twist on the cookie-decorating tradition of the holidays by using cupcakes instead.  I love the way they carved out little pumpkins for decorations and used vintage syrup containers for syrups.

DIY Mini Cake Decorating Bar

Source: Project Wedding

Here’s another amazing DIY cake bar I saw a little while ago on Project Wedding.   Guests picked a mini fondant cake in different colors and could choose from a variety of icings for decorations. The colors were the best part of this one. An absolute feast for the eyes, with all the pastel and sorbet tones, all part of a Caribbean tropical theme wedding.

DIY Dessert Bar by Sarabeth Events

Source: Groom Sold Separately

This next one is from a guest post by the Dallas event planner, Sarabeth Events, on Groom Sold Separately. Her beautiful example of a diy dessert bar includes tips to follow for doing your own candy bar.

Winter Wedding Dessert Bar

Source: Wedding Bee

Finally, I’ll leave you with a dessert bar that literally took my breath away when I first saw it on Wedding Bee . This one would be perfect for a winter wedding, all white and glittery. I can’t decipher all the different items in this photo, but I see sparkling glass, white meringues, porcelain vases, pale pink and white ornaments, and some white cupcakes and custards on display. Basically, anything white, cream or pale pink seems to fit the bill.

Let us know of any other brilliant dessert ideas you find or can think of. I never get tired of dessert!

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