BadaBada Bride Bingo Pink


Product Features

BadaBada Bride Bingo comes with 20 unique bingo cards
80 pre-perforated caller chips
390 heart markers
Master call sheet and instructions
Color: Pink
Size of cards: 5 1/4"w x 6 1/2"h


Topping the charts as the most popular bridal shower bingo game, here comes a full color twist on the classic bingo. Bridal Bingo brings every generation together to have fun playing a game that never goes out of fashion. Guests love the game while hostesses love the affordable price.

In this version guests are handed colorful cards with love and wedding themed pictures, such as a sunset, a diamond ring, a bouquet and more. One bridesmaid is the caller and guests mark off corresponding items on their cards. The first person to get five in a row and yell "BRIDE" wins.

There are 3 squares on each card which allow each guest to write in the name of the bride, the groom, and their wedding date. The bride will blush with joy every time she hears her name called during each game. The hostess can know that the wedding shower will be a guaranteed success.

If you are having more than 20 guests, we suggest the Deluxe edition of Bride Bingo, which contains 40 cards.

Heart shaped markers are included, but feel free to add a fun twist by using M&Ms or Hershey's Kisses for markers. Just try not to eat them all before the game ends!
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