Customized and Personalized Swirl Color Fortune Cookie Soaps


Product Features

Fortune cookie soaps have custom choices for colors, textures, fragrances, fortunes, and packaging
The choice of two colors can be matched to a swatch of fabric, pictures, or ribbon
Mix up a swirl of two colors and add optional colored metallic, glitter or organic textures
Select one of four fragrances
Personalize your own fortune for inside
Bags and bows or take out boxes available for extra charge
Soaps contain no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or synthetic preservatives
No animal testing!


You can't get any more customizable than with these personalized fortune cookie soap favors. You get to choose a combination of any color you can possibly imagine, along with different textures, fragrances, and your own fortune for inside. If you have trouble choosing colors, Fortune Cookie Soap can even match your bridal shower wedding color scheme to create a custom soap favor that contains a combination swirl! The interactive tool lets you test out different color combination 'swirls' on the screen. Just how much fun is that!

For something extra special, you can choose from different color metallic sheens or glitter finish, or a unique organic look of oatmeal or poppy seeds. You can be absolutely certain no one is receiving these treasures at any other wedding, bridal shower or other event. They are as unique as you are!

We have some really cute packaging to gift wrap your soaps too. Choose from a bag & bow or a take-out box. There is a small additional charge for the packaging.

Note: Since the soaps are made specifically for you, there are not returns and there is a minimum order of 30. However, Fortune Cookie Soap will be happy to send you a sample first so that you are sure of your purchase.
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