On a day designed to celebrate love, these enchanting love bird candle favors will put a song in your guests' hearts. Add the light of love to your event tables with these adorable love bird candle favors. And this perfectly matched pair of feathered friends makes a lasting memento of enduring love!

Each exclusive favor measures 2' tall x 2" wide and has a frosted white glass votive holder outside and a poured white votive candle inside. Adorning the holder is a chocolate brown, pink and green design featuring the enticing love birds cheerfully perched on a flowery branch. A great match as shower and wedding favors and more, the brown and pink color combination is a hot theme choice for today's celebrations.

Each candle favor comes in a clear plastic box with a matching design base insert, tied with a white organza bow and an attached matching "For You" tag.
From Favors by Serendipity
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Love phrases in different languages: Japanese

Japanese lessons
  • "You look sexy"
  • : Kimi wa totemo sekusi dayo
  • "I can’t live without you"
  • : Watashi wa kimi nashi deha ikite ikenai
  • "Will you marry me? "
  • : Watashi to kekkon shite moraeru?
  • "My heart is yours"
  • : watashi no kokoro wa anatano mono
  • "I miss you"
  • : anataga inaito samisii
  • "I’ll always be by your side "
  • : Itsumo issho dayo
  • "I love you "
  • : aishiteru
  • "Together forever and ever"
  • : zuuuu to issho dayo
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