Cherry Blossom Personalized Mint Tins


Product Features

Personalized mint tin favors with a cherry blossom design for an Asian inspired or spring wedding favor
Choice of 6 color labels (light blue, turquoise, yellow, brown, lime, or red) with polka dots and brown are for text
Select from 3 different candy fillings (peppermints, sugar-free peppermints, or cinnamon candy)
Personalize with first names and event date
2.4" W, 1.9”L and 0.6 "H
Minimum order of 30


These personalized cherry blossom mint tin wedding favors are perfect for Asian inspired weddings and events. The cherry blossom is highly significant in Chinese culture; it symbolizes love in the language of herbs. Interestingly, cherry blossom is the flower of the month April in China as well. Celebrate your wedding with these meaningful mint tins.

Each pink cherry blossom branch is placed on your choice of background color; Light Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Brown, Lime, or Red. The background contains small polka dots and a brown "base". The brown symbolizes the earth, one of the essential elements cherry blossom trees need to thrive.

Personalize each mint tin wedding favor with your first names and event date. Each mint tin is then personalized with a high-gloss label.

Tins measure 2.4" W, 1.9”L and 0.6 "H and are hinged. They are filled with approximately one ounce of your choice of candy and are delivered shrink-banded for tamper protection. All tins come with a full list of ingredients affixed to the reverse side of the tin.

Minimum order is 30 pieces per design.
From Little Things Favors
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