International Shipping Policies

Most of our vendors provide international shipping options. The main exceptions are edible favors and chocolate wedding favors. However, each vendor has their own policies. When viewing a product, click on the "Learn More" or "Order Now" buttons to get specific details for each vendor.

If you are ordering from outside of the U.S.A., look for the following information:

  • Additional rates for international shipping. Some companies, such as Favors By Serendipity, will email you with a specific rate that you need to approve before they complete the order.
  • Charges for custom duties and taxes in your country. This is something you need to find out from your local government since no company is knowledgeable in all the facts.
  • How much extra time you should allow for receiving your shipment. Make sure you leave plenty of time before your event date, including the vendor's processing time for personalized orders.
  • How much insurance is included in the international shipping cost. For example, Hanson Ellis includes $1,000 insurance on domestic shipments and $500 insurance for international shipments, but you can email them to increase that amount.
  • What shipping service the vendor uses. Some companies, such as Beau-Coup, use UPS exclusively. Others use USPS, FedEx, or a service of your choosing. 
  • Any credit card requirements. For international shipments, most companies require that your billing address and shipping address are the same.

Alternatively, you can sign up with Bongo International to be able to ship to anywhere in the world. Bongo is a mail and parcel forwarding service. When you sign up, you are given a U.S. address which you can use for ordering products from any store. Bongo will then forward the parcels to your international address, either immediately or after consolidating it with your other orders from different stores. To find out more, go to Bongo International.




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