Bachelor Party Games

Ideas for Bachelor Party Activities That Don't Involve Vegas

The bachelor party is a time for the groom-to-be to get away from the wedding planning and enjoy some time with friends and family. Whether the party is in another town, at a friend’s house or in the park, it’s fun to have some ‘manly’ games to get the party going. As the best man, one of your main responsibilities, other than the best man toast, is to entertain the groom-to-be as well as his close friends and family.

Casino Night

If the groom is a gambling man, then host a casino night. Invite over his close friends and family members and gather volunteers to work the tables. Set up a poker station, blackjack station and even a roulette wheel. If you are renting the tables, they will usually come with a dealer to run each. Hire a catering service to come out and provide appetizers and drinks you would find at a Vegas casino.

Scavenger Hunt

No one is too old for a scavenger hunt. Host a bachelor party scavenger hunt, but use wedding and bachelor-related finds. Create cards with things that the person has to do, such as get someone to buy you a drink, dance alone on the dance floor, find another bachelor party and join in, or walk around with a mock ball and chain. Be creative with the things the guests have to gather and do in order to finish the scavenger hunt. Just be sure that the items collected are appropriate to the groom’s standards. Stay away from anything that will get him in trouble with his fiancée!


If the groom is a sports fanatic, center the party around that theme. Have the guys play a game of basketball, baseball, or soccer. Take the groom bowling (if that is his sport of choice), to a ball game, or even to a horse race to bet on the ponies.

Paint Ball

A lot of men love guns, so what better way for a groom to take out his stress from the wedding planning than a game of paint ball? Go to a local paint ball club and rent out the course for the hour. Have close family and friends form teams and take on each other in a game of paint ball. Sign up for a paint ball tournament and have paint ball battles for an entire day to make the bachelor party last a little longer for the groom. You could even break from tradition completely and have a coed bachelor/bachelorette party with the girls against the guys. Just make sure the bride’s team wins!


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