Bachelor Party Ideas

Stag parties to suit every groom's personality

The bachelor party is a time for the groom to get out and let loose with the guys. Traditionally, this day or night of fun is hosted by the best man, but sometimes the groomsmen all chip in on the planning. No matter who is doing the planning, the bachelor party should be based around the personality of the bachelor as well as his likes and dislikes. After all, the party is his celebration. If you find yourself stuck on getting started, here are a few ideas to help you get the party planning off to a good start.

Cheap Ideas

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on a weekend in Vegas for a bachelor party. If you are looking for cheap, but fun ways to throw a bachelor party just remember to keep it simple and entertaining. Something easy, such as pizza and a few good movies, is not a bad idea. In fact, many grooms would love a little time to relax with the guys outside the realm of the wedding planning. Host a poker night at your house and invite a bunch of guys over to do an at-home Vegas style poker game. If your groom has a sense of humor, host a roast. Invite his friends, family and even co-workers over. As the best man you can be the host and offer up a good time of jokes on the groom’s behalf.

Adventurous Ideas

Some bachelor parties need a little adventure. If the guest of honor loves doing some more daring pursuits, then you can get away from the party life and try something adventurous with him. Get a group of guys together to go sky diving or just take sky diving lessons. If you are close to the beach, take the groom surfing for the day. If the groom has a need for speed, find a local go kart or professional racing club that offers race car driving training. Just keep in mind that most of these ideas can get rather costly, so you may need to size down the number of guests you invite to the bachelor party.

Starter Ideas

When organizing a bachelor party, you need to have something to base the entire party around. This is where a starter idea comes into play. Try a weekend in Vegas and see where the trip takes the party from there. If your groom enjoys boats, rent a boat for the weekend and get him out on the lake or ocean. Road tripping is another starter idea that gets the groom out of his town and away from wedding planning. After that, the trip and the people involved can dictate how the party goes. No matter what starter idea you choose, simply getting out and away from the stress of wedding planning will be more than just a party for the groom.

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