Bridal Hairstyles

The Top 3 Most Popular Hairstyles for Brides

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On your wedding day you want to look gorgeous and glamorous, and a beautiful bridal hairstyle can help you look your best. All of these hairstyles can be recreated for your big day by making a few adjustments for hair length and texture. With any one of these popular bridal hairstyles, you will look breathtaking at your wedding.

1. The Updo

The updo is one of the most popular bridal hairstyles because it always looks timeless and elegant. Pull all of your hair away from your face and fasten it to the back of your head at the crown or the nape using bobby pins. An updo will show off your beautiful face and enhance your bone structure. Updos are a good way to flaunt a fabulous pair of earrings or statement jewelry piece. You can also add a tiara to achieve the princess look. This is a good hairstyle for any length and texture of hair, except girls with cropped cuts.

2. The Half-Up

The half-up, half-down is another popular and universally flattering hairstyle for brides. Simply pull back the top layers of hair above the ears and fasten them at the crown of the head with bobby pins. You can embellish the half-up style with flowers, jeweled clips or pins, a headband, or a tiara. This look truly works for every girl and will show off your gorgeous face. This hairstyle looks especially beautiful on girls with bangs or short layers because they will gently frame your face and look stylish and romantic.

3. All Down

Leaving all of your hair down on your wedding day is a great way to flaunt your natural texture and look feminine and romantic. This is an incredibly adaptable style, and you can change it to suit your personal tastes and preferences. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose, sexy waves . Use a flat iron to achieve stick-straight and modern locks. Alternatively, you can simply let your hair be itself! You can add a headband, fascinator, tiara, flower or countless other accessories to match your dress and jewelry.

No matter which style you select, you should do a trial run. Professional hair salons are the best choice on your wedding day, rather than relying on a friend or risking a ‘bad hair day’ on your own. Book an appointment at least 3 months in advance of your wedding to consult with a stylist. This leaves you some time to grow your hair a little longer if needed.

Once you have decided on the style you want, pick out your accessories. Your trial hairdo should include any hair accessories and jewelry and should be at least 2 weeks or more before your wedding, just in case you want to change anything. Your last minute trim and/or highlights should be done about 1 week before, no closer than that. With everything decided, you can relax and let everyone else make you beautiful on your big day.  You already know how incredibly stunning you will look.


Check out the demo from The You can upload your own photo and play around with different bridal hairstyles to see what will work best on you. You can do the same for any hairstyle, and for your bridal party's hairstyles too!

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