Wedding Stress: You Cannot Do It All By Yourself

One of the most prominent mistakes that many brides make is thinking that they can handle all of the wedding planning and details by themselves and that they don’t need anyone else to help them. This is a surefire way for a bride to get frazzled and become upset. She may think that she can do everything on her own and may turn down friends and family members who are offering to help but the reality is that things would go much more smoothly if the bride could learn to delegate some responsibility instead of trying to take care of all the details by herself. While a bride may want her wedding day to be perfect she needs to realize that if something does not go exactly as planned she is likely to be the only one to notice. The rest of the guests will be too busy enjoying the wedding. Although it can be difficult a bride needs to learn how to delegate responsibilities and learn to let others help her.

There are sometimes last minute details that need to be taken care of at the reception hall. These details may include putting out the centerpieces, making sure the flowers arrive and setting out the place cards. While none of these tasks may be particularly difficult, many brides are hesitant to ask anyone else to take care of these tasks because they want to ensure that everything is perfect. This is the perfect opportunity for a bride to come to the understanding that her friends and family members are more than capable of putting centerpieces on the tables an that even if one is slightly off center it won’t affect the reception. Once the bride is able to understand this she might be willing to let someone else take over these small responsibilities. While it may not seem significant, it is three less details the bride herself has to deal with.

Addressing thank you envelopes to send out to your guests after your wedding can be a tedious task. A bride may find that one of her bridesmaids is willing to take care of this detail for her. If you can find someone to assist you with this task, it will be one less thing that you have to worry about while you are planning your wedding and while you are on your honeymoon. This can even be taken care of before the wedding. After you receive all of the RSVPs and have a good idea of who will be coming, you could start addressing an envelope from each of the guests who have responded that they would like to attend the wedding.

The dress is arguably one of the most important parts of the wedding. Many brides spend months searching for the perfect dress so delegating responsibility for the care of their dress can be difficult. The bride needs to be available for shopping for her wedding dress and attending fittings but a friend or family member could certainly pick up the dress, have it cleaned if needed and store it until the wedding day or the day before the wedding day. Having someone else take care of the dress gives the bride one less detail to worry about plus it minimizes the possibility of the dress being soiled or ripped before the wedding day. Many soon to be brides simply cannot resist the temptation to try on their wedding dress, “Just one more time,” and in the process they could wind up damaging the dress. Taking the dress out of the hands of the bride makes this less likely to occur.

It is very important for brides to realize that there are many friends and family members and sometimes even complete strangers who are willing to assist them in the details of their wedding. Many brides are reluctant to delegate responsibilities but doing so can make the experience much more enjoyable for all.

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