Groom Wedding Speech: How to Write a Great Wedding Toast

The groom's wedding speech is one of the highlights of the evening, second only to the toast done by the best man. It is an opportunity for the groom to praise his new bride and thank everyone who has been involved in the wedding, including the guests who have helped celebrate the occasion. Here are a few basic tips on how to write a great wedding toast that strikes a balance between the mundane and the tacky. Your focus should be on making sure you thank everyone involved in the wedding and give praise wherever possible.

Start your speech by thanking the main people involved in the wedding. Make sure to include:
  • The previous speaker (often the best man) for kind words, humor, or other key points from their speech
  • Your in-laws and parents for being there for you and other help they have contributed, and for raising you. Do separate thanks for your parents and your bride's parents. 
  • Guests, friends, and family for helping to celebrate, make the day special, and all the generous gifts
  • Other people involved in planning the wedding, including caterers, musicians, entertainers, wedding planners. This can be a more general thank you.
Praise your bride. This is a nice opportunity to tell a little anecdote about how you met and fell in love. However, only say nice things, no dirty or rude jokes that you think will be funny. No matter how well you know your new wife, you do not want to take the chance of saying anything that will embarrass her on your wedding day. Keep it clean and keep it loving. Do it right and there won't be a dry eye in the room.

Thank your best man and groomsmen. A little humor or an anecdote is in order here, so long as you keep it short. You can mention that the best man will be speaking next.

A toast to the bridesmaids and maid of honor for all their help in getting your bride ready for the big day is the final part of your speech. If there is something specific that they did that stood out, such as spending many hours on the phone or even more hours shopping, you can comment on that as well. Remember to ask everyone to "raise your glasses and join me in a toast to...". 

Some final tips for the perfect wedding toast:
  • Write it out on large notecards in a big font so that you can break up the speech and keep track of where you are
  • Practice many times, preferably in front of someone else
  • Speak slowly, enunciate, and don't drop your voice at the end of a sentence. Otherwise, have of what you say will be missed, or misunderstood.
For help with writing your groom's wedding toast, or for samples, check out the following website.

Instant Wedding Toasts: Groom's Toast to His Bride

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