Bridal Bingo

Prepare 5x5 blank bingo cards ahead of time. Instead of BINGO along the top, you may put BRIDE, and leave the middle square as 'free.' Before the presents are opened, get the guests to fill their cards in with things they think the bride will receive as a gift. They can repeat them if there aren't enough ideas.

As the bride opens her gifts, guests tick off their bingo cards. Whoever gets a line first wins!


Caller Bingo
Prepare bingo cards with wedding-related words in the 25 squares. Each card must be a little different from the rest. Draw and call the words as in traditional bingo.

Conversation Bingo
Prepare cards as in 'Caller Bingo'. Guests may tick off a square if they hear the word mentioned in conversation with others (but not if they say the word themselves!).
This game continues throughout the shower until there is a winner.

Busy with all the other things you have to do planning the bridal shower? Check out the Bridal Shower Bingo set, which has 50 unique bingo cards. We also have a Bridal Shower Games bundle, which has 3 games and planning tools included to help you run your wedding shower with ease.

Best Bridal Shower Games

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