Guess the Dress

Split the guests up into groups of three or four. This is a good way to get guests to mingle, so perhaps get them to count off so they are mixed up. Try to get one small person or child in every group to act as the model.

Assign each group a roll of toilet paper and tell them to make a copy of what they think the bride's dress will look like (on their model). Have a fashion show presentation to the bride, who will choose her favorite version to win.

Obviously, if any of the guests have had a lot of involvement with the dressmaking/buying process, they won't be able to play this game.


Dream Dress
Groups make the bride's 'ideal' dress from toilet paper. She chooses her favourite at the end.

Draw the Dress
Each person gets a piece of paper and pencil. Give them one or two minutes to draw the bride's dress. Again, the bride chooses her favorite.

Up Above
Each guest gets a paper plate and a pencil or crayon. Guests place the plates on top of their heads and draw the dress (or dream home). Give them one or two minutes to do this.

Truth and Tear
Start by handing around a roll of toilet paper. Ask guests to take as much as they would use in one trip to the washroom (you will be amazed at how shy some women suddenly get). Once everyone has a length of paper, ask them to create a gift for the bride, or something wedding-related, with what they have. You will hear some groans! The bride chooses the winner.


Best Bridal Shower Games

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