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If you have ever been to a traditional wedding shower you have probably played the bridal shower game "How Well Do You Know the Groom?". Guests love to see just how well the bride thinks she knows the groom and little trivia about him. The guests get an opportunity to answer the questions as well, so everyone joins in the fun and there is usually a particularly special bridal shower favor as a prize for winning. Here is how it works.

The bride and guests are all given a quiz about the groom, and the person who gets the most correct answers wins (it may not be the bride!). Give everyone a few minutes to write down an answer for each question, and then everyone reveals their answers to the group.

Questions may include obscure facts (collar size, inseam, first pet's name), more well-known facts (middle name, what kind of car he drives), and personal anecdotes (location of the bride and groom's first kiss, most embarrassing moment).

Be creative! The harder the questions are for the bride, the more entertaining the game becomes. For examples of questions, see How Well Do You Know the Groom Questions in our Just Weddings Blog.

Here are a few fun variations:

General wedding quiz
Split the quiz into sections, such as 'romantic movies,' 'love songs,' 'famous couples,' and, of course, 'bride and groom to be.'

How well do you know...gum?
The bride is asked the questions, and for every incorrect answer she must put a piece of bubble gum (not just chewing gum!) in her mouth. This can get quite hilarious as the quiz continues. Large marshmallows can also be used (the bride can't chew these!).

Quiz dress up
Another one just for the bride. For every wrong answer, she must put on an item from the dress-up box - feather boa, eye patch, fairy wings, lingerie, witch's hat: the more outrageous the better.

Rigged quiz
Make up answers for all the questions, and provide a 'cheat sheet' to one of the guests. Tell the bride that these are the answers the groom gave (not that they are true), and that this should be really easy for her. Imagine the bride's surprise when someone else guesses that the groom's middle name is "Danger." It takes a surprisingly long time for everyone to catch on!

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