Peg Collector

As each guest arrives, assign them a clothespin (or two) and inform them that for the rest of the day they must not use the names of the bride or groom. They must refer to them only as 'the bride' and 'the groom.' If they slip up, the person who caught them takes the pin.

The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins. This is another good mingling game, and can get quite competitive!


Decorate the pins
Use lace and ribbons to decorate wooden clothespins. They can be given to the bride as a gift after the shower.

Choose wedding-related words to use as taboo.

I Have Never
Play the traditional 'I Have Never' game. Every time someone has done something that the person before them has never done, they must attach a clothespin to themselves. This can also be a drinking game - the person with the most clothespins must drink.

Guests attach the clothespins to the hem of their skirt/pants. Guests aren't allowed to cross their legs or ankles, and lose their pins if they do.

Not just clothespins
Instead of clothespins, you could use plastic pegs, stickers, corsages, toy rings, ribbons, decorated buttons, safety pins or bead bracelets. Some of these provide a nice prize for the winner.

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