Planning Your Dream Honeymoon

When you get married, the bachelor party is for the man, the wedding is really for the bride, and the honeymoon is for both parties. This is where you get away from everyone and everything and just spend one or two or several days laying on a beach or lounging around a hotel room with the love of your life.

Here are a few planning tips to make sure that your honeymoon is the best it can possibly be.


Bride's Choice

It may sound a little sexist, but it's true that women do tend to place a higher value on the traditions and ceremonies associated with romance and courtship. Men love wining and dining, sure, but at the end of the day, a groom is best advised to agree with his wife's suggestion of a honeymoon in Hawaii than he is to butt heads with her and fight for his dream Vegas honeymoon. After all, the last thing you want is to start your honeymoon with a disappointed bride.

Make Reservations Well Beforehand

Dinner, shows, hotel rooms, your rental car, everything should be reserved well before the wedding takes place so as to ensure that it's ready for you when you get there. Nothing kills romance like having to drive up and down the street looking for a hotel. On the other hand, a little adventure can only help the romance when you find yourself exploring the city you're honeymooning in and finding a great restaurant that you never would have heard of if you'd been making reservations. Nevertheless, anything that you do want to be sure of, anything that's a "must" for your dream honeymoon, make sure to reserve it, because you can't just assume that the suite you want will be vacant or the restaurant you've been dreaming of will have a free table when you get there. Anything that's important, reserve, and anything that's not, feel free to wing it.

Leave the Phones and Laptops at Home

If there's an emergency, your family will be able to contact you with the hotel phone number (assuming you feel like giving them the number in the first place). Leave the phones and laptops and other digital devices at home. The honeymoon is all about the romance and fun of having absolutely nothing to do but enjoy your time together, so keep distractions to a minimum.


The truth is that it's really, really hard to ruin a honeymoon. You're probably going to be spending the vast majority of your time in bed, so avoid the tendency to over-plan, to try and come up with dozens of activities and things to do.

You'll probably wind up blowing off most of your dinner reservations to order room service and eat it in the hot tub, so essentially, don't worry too much. The fun of going on your honeymoon is having days on end to do nothing at all but enjoy yourself with your new wife/husband, so where you go and what you do is really only of secondary importance.

Author Bio: Sandi has been married for 5 years (and honeymooned in St. Croix!). She works as a part-time writer for an online car insurance site and focuses on coming up with tips for finding cheap car insurance coverage.

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