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Many women have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls and for many their daydream begins with daydreaming about the proposal. They may have built up this moment for so long in their minds that they are expecting a monumental proposal and may be disappointed by anything that is less than creative. Many men make the mistake of thinking that their significant other will be so excited that he is proposing that it won’t matter how he pops the question. While it is true that she will most likely be ecstatic over the proposal it is also a fact that she is likely to be disappointed if the proposal is not spectacular, creative or exciting. When a woman first begins sporting her wedding ring she is likely to be asked by just about everyone who notices her ring, how the soon to be groom proposed. The person making the inquiry will be expecting an exciting story and the soon to be bride may be slightly embarrassed if she doesn’t have an interesting story to tell about the engagement.

Surveys have shown that it is not the amount of money that a man spends on his proposal that matters but the amount of effort that he puts into planning the proposal that really attracts a woman’s attention. A scavenger hunt is an interesting yet not necessarily expensive way to propose. Having a friend hand your soon to be bride a note containing clues to where to start the scavenger hunt will help to build the anticipation. You can include several clues that lead to small gifts such as flower, a CD and candy and have the last clue lead her directly to wear you are waiting to propose. This is a very creative idea that shows that you put a great deal of thought into your proposal.

Throwing a surprise party for your girlfriend is an interesting way to include her family and friends in the proposal. You might try planning a surprise birthday party for your girlfriend but let her think that she has spoiled the surprise by “accidentally” slipping and giving away the secret. This way she will be expecting a surprise party for her birthday and will have no idea that you are also planning to propose.

Another creative way to propose to your girlfriend is to take out a full page ad in a section of the newspaper that she reads regularly. Be sure to be there when the newspaper arrives so that you can be ready when she reads the ad. This is not only a creative way to propose but it also provides your girlfriend with an adorable souvenir of the day you proposed. She can frame the ad that you placed and display it in a special place so she will always remember your creative proposal.

Proposing over a romantic dinner in an elegant restaurant is one of the most classic ways to propose but it is not exactly very creative. One way to make this type of proposal more memorable is to drop hints all night that you plan to propose and then not propose until you are leaving the restaurant after you have paid your bill. You could check your pockets as if are trying to see if you left your credit card at the table and as you are going through your pockets you could seize the opportunity to catch your girlfriend by surprise by pulling out the ring and proposing. Your girlfriend may be angry with you by this time for teasing her but she will quickly forgive you once you propose.

A creative proposal is sure to be a memorable proposal as well. Although your girlfriend is likely to be very excited that you are proposing at all, she may be somewhat disappointed if your proposal is not very creative. _____________________________________

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