Stag Parties in Chile

Whether you’re in Chile or China the end-product of a stag-do is usually the same, a drink and joke fuelled night, the only great difference is the culture and food that surrounds our drunken ex-pats. In Latin America the same rule applies with beer and batter being replaced by pisco and salsa.

There are some rules however that need to be clear to all ex-pats or visitors planning a special last night of freedom for their friend or even if you’re the one preparing the punishment. Rowdy all male nights in Latin America are not quite the same in Santiago as they are in Salford and that bizarre end of night joke might not go down well with the gun welding Latin cops. The British stag-do party must remember that a pair of fake handcuffs may not humour the local constabulary in South America as it does our moustachioed friends. Remember that humour unlike American Express is not universally flexible.

The warnings don’t stop with the law outside the home because waiting at home for your arrival is a not too pleased girlfriend. The girls back home have their equivalent of a stag-do with their own hen-night but for the girls on the Latin Continent rowdy boozy nights before your wedding is not par for the course as their parties and celebrations usually stay loyally at home usually with close family and friends. So if you’re planning to have your pre-wedding parties on the same night be prepared as crawling home half naked six tequilas under will not please your future mother in-law who is sleeping soberly on your couch.

Your choice of restaurant is also important to ensure a stag-do is a success. Latin America has completely distinctive cuisine than what you find in Europe. The six pints and a balti are far from the menu but fish dishes are very common in most parts of South America especially of the shell variety. Perhaps slimy urchins and mussels are not as palatable as a good slab of beef or chicken for your visiting Brit friends so make sure you take responsibility and not rush that order for those Vodka and Cokes. Too much exotic strange food for your visitors could also cause problems for those delicate unaccustomed British stomachs so look after and choose carefully for your drunken hoards.

Stag-do’s are special nights no matter what country you decide to do it in but the famous British and European like for beer and raucous behaviour may have to be tempered on different continents and waking up with a hangover in a rough Columbian or Bolivian jail is not the best start to your married life.

by Alex Maccioni

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