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Fun Wedding Trivia That Every Couple Should Know

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A wedding is a stressful time for every couple, so don’t think you’ll be the exception! There is so much wedding planning going on that often brides and grooms become completely consumed by all of it. Take a break from the wedding planning and expand your knowledge with facts and traditions many couples do not know about.

Good and Bad Luck

In England, the best day to get married is on a Wednesday, while Monday is meant as the day of wealth, and Tuesday is the day of health. Saturday, on the other hand, is considered bad luck in English tradition to get married. However, in the United States, Saturday is one of the most popular days to get married.

Though rain may bring frowns to your face, rain is considered a sign of good luck in Hindu tradition.

Rice is the traditional item throw at the newlywed couple as they leave the church, but in Czech tradition it is peas that are thrown at the couple.

The Wedding Ring

The reason the wedding ring and engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand is because it was once thought that the vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

Though the diamond is the jewel of choice for most engagement rings, the sapphire means marital happiness. Aquamarine jewels are meant to provide a long, happy and healthy marriage.

Every year within the United States there are over 17 tons of gold that is melted down and turned into wedding rings.

Wedding Fashion

The color of the white wedding dress is a tradition in the United States and England, but in other cultures white is considered the color for funerals. Hindu traditions require brides to wear bright colors. Korean traditions have brides wearing yellows and reds.

The first Western-style wedding dress was worn by Queen Victoria in 1840.

The bridal veil was created in Greek and Roman culture to protect the bride from evil spirits on her wedding day. In Denmark, it was a tradition for the bride and grooms to dress opposite genders in order to confuse evil spirits.

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