Wedding Suit Hire: Rent or Buy?

While brides tend to buy their wedding dresses, though it is certainly acceptable to rent, grooms will often go to a wedding suit hire store to get their attire. Just as there are many options available for wedding dresses, there is a wide range of suits available for the groom. The first decision to make is whether to rent or buy the groom’s suit. After that, it is important to leave enough time to pick a suit that complements the bride’s dress and the wedding colors, not to mention any alterations needed.

There seem to be far more places available to rent a wedding suit than there are for renting wedding dresses. This makes the process of choosing attire for the groom far easier than for the bride. However, since the wedding gown is the real focal point, it’s important to find a place with a large variety of suits that can fit the theme and colors of the wedding. There really is no reason to purchase a suit unless the groom is a particularly difficult size to fit. On the other hand, he may want to keep the suit for future events. Brides don’t wear their wedding dresses again, but a groom’s suit is typically more versatile.

Once you have chosen to hire the groom’s suit, start exploring styles and accessories that will enhance your whole wedding theme. Accessories for the groom’s suit are just as important as those of the bridesmaids. Often, the groom wears a boutonnière that ties in with the bridesmaids’ flowers. The color of the suit should be in the same color family as the bridesmaids’ and the rest of the wedding.  It makes it much easier to stick with a theme where all elements of the wedding complement one another.

The groom should have a fitting well before the wedding to ensure that the suit is not only in keeping with the rest of the wedding design, but is also comfortable to wear for the wedding.  Particularly if it is rented, that specific suit needs to be booked for the wedding day and picked up beforehand to ensure that there are no problems.

Shoes, socks, ties and all other elements of the groom's attire can also be hired from a wedding suit hire company. If the colors of your wedding are a little unusual or unique, bring a color chart with your wedding colors to the suit hire store. Then, you can hold up the colors against different accessories, and the suit itself, to see whether they are in the same color family.

Last but not least, you can save money by shopping around and getting prices from various wedding suit hire companies. Anything you save on wedding attire can be put towards other wedding expenses. Then again, you can always have an extremely casual ‘jeans’ wedding and skip the groom’s suit entirely!

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