Tips for Involving Children in Your Wedding Ceremony

Many couples wish to have children such as a niece or nephew participate in the wedding as a flower girl or ring bearer. A beautiful young girl walking down the aisle dropping rose petals before the bride arrives or a handsome young man presenting the rings to the groom can be a beautiful part of the wedding ceremony but it is also important to remember that dealing with children can be very difficult and that they can be very unpredictable. As long as you are prepared for this to happen and you are not the type to allow mistakes by the children to ruin your wedding day, then go ahead and ask them to participate. However, if you are the type of person who is very particular and would be upset if the children messed anything up, then you probably should not have children participate in your wedding. If you do choose to have children in your wedding, there are a few tips that can help things to run as smoothly as possible.

First have your young attendants assist in picking out their own wedding attire. This serves a couple of purposes. It primarily serves to help get the child excited about participating in your wedding. If they feel as if they have some control over the situation and feel as if they are special for being chosen they are much more likely to be looking forward to being a part of your wedding. The other reason for doing this is that the child can tell you if a particular outfit is uncomfortable. Although you may like the look of a certain outfit if the child isn’t comfortable in the outfit then they are likely to be fidgety on your wedding day because their clothes are uncomfortable. In this case it is a good idea to rule out attire that the child seems uncomfortable wearing.

Assigning a member of your bridal party to look after the children in the bridal party can also help things to run more smoothly. A trusted bridesmaid can take responsibility for the children and keep them entertained during parts of the day where they have to stand around and wait such as when the photographer is taking pictures that don’t include the entire wedding party. You might want to give your designated babysitter an emergency kit with toys that the child might enjoy so that she can keep them entertained.

The photographer may have many different photo combinations that he would like to take and they won’t all include the young members of the bridal party. Photo sessions can be lengthy so it is a good idea to ask the photographer if he can take the pictures that include the children early in the session so that they don’t grow tired waiting for their turn.

Another important thing to remember is that children do not have to be members of the bridal party to participate in the wedding. If you have nieces or nephews that you want to feel included but do not want to have children in your wedding procession, you could consider giving the children other jobs to make them feel special such as handing out booklets or sweeping up the rice after the ceremony.

Finally, if you opt to include children in your wedding ceremony you should be prepared for there to be mistakes. Although children may have the best of intentions they don’t always do what is expected of them. Relaxing and recognizing these moments of imperfection as memories that should be cherished as opposed to disasters will help you to maintain a healthy attitude about your wedding ceremony.


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