Inexpensive Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Five Budget Table Decoration Options

If you use traditional fresh flowers and opt for ornate arrangements, you may find that the budget for your wedding centerpieces is skyrocketing. Extravagant centerpieces can be very expensive and the cost of these centerpieces can add up significantly if you have many tables planned for your reception. Luckily though expensive floral arrangements are not the only options available for creating beautiful centerpieces.

1. Flower Alternatives

If you like the look of flowers but are not able to afford pricey floral arrangements, you might consider making your own arrangements out of silk flowers. There are many advantages to opting for silk flowers over fresh flowers. First and foremost making your own silk flower arrangements is likely to be much more affordable than having a florist create centerpieces out of fresh flowers. When you opt to make your own silk arrangements you forego the cost of more expensive fresh flowers and you give yourself more options for the type of flowers you can choose for your centerpieces because you don’t have to only choose from flowers that are currently in season. With silk flowers you can incorporate flowers from other seasons into your arrangements. Still want only fresh flowers at your wedding? Then look at buying your own fresh flowers in bulk, select some inexpensive vases, and create your own easy wedding centerpieces.

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2. Bowls and Marbles

Another very simple and also inexpensive wedding centerpiece is a glass bowl filled with marbles of colors that coordinate with your wedding. This whimsical centerpiece is extremely easy to assemble and it looks very elegant on the tables. You may opt for either one color of marble in the bowl or a combination of colors that are aesthetically pleasing. Either way you are sure to create an appealing and inexpensive centerpiece.

3. Plants

Potted plants are another inexpensive centerpiece idea. These plants not only make lovely centerpieces but they are sure to be a cherished gift by the member of the table who takes home this lovely centerpiece. Using potted plants instead of fresh flowers is much more affordable but it still has the same appeal as an elegant floral arrangement.

4. Yum! Candy

Candy is another inexpensive wedding centerpiece idea that many wedding guests really enjoy. All you have to do for this centerpiece is buy a few inexpensive glass bowls and fill them with the candy of your choice. There are so many options available to those who chose to incorporate a candy bowl as their centerpiece. Purchase your candy in bulk at Candy Warehouse to save money. You can choose candies that are elegantly wrapped and personalized with your wedding date or a favorite candy that is still in its commercial wrapping. Either way this is a centerpiece that your guests will just eat up at your wedding.

5. CandlesPerfect Pillars Wedding Candles

Candles can also be used to create a very elegant but inexpensive centerpiece for your wedding. For an eclectic look try choosing candles of different sizes and shapes, such as our round or square pillar candles, and place them in candleholders that don’t match. This is a very shabby chic look that also has a sophisticated appeal. To make candles seem more dramatic try choosing candles of varying shades of the same color and place them all on a mirror in the center of the table. If your reception hall has low lighting this will create a very dramatic and elegant effect.

Wedding centerpieces do not have to be expensive to be elegant and attractive. With a little creativity you can find a centerpiece that matches your style and personality but that does not break your budget. There may sometimes be more assembly involved but when it comes time for the wedding; these centerpieces look just as appealing as those that cost a fortune to purchase. Silk flowers, marbles, potted plants, candy and candles are just a few of the objects that can be used to create memorable yet affordable centerpieces for your wedding. It is not what you use as your centerpiece that matters as much as it is how your centerpiece is remembered. Candy Store!

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