Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas

If you go to many weddings, you may need some more affordable wedding gift ideas before you begin to feel the financial strain of buying gifts for each of your friends and family members. What you may not realize is that an expensive wedding gift is not always the most appreciated wedding gift. Sometimes the best wedding gifts are very inexpensive but they are also something that the couple really wants or will enjoy. You may want to buy a particularly expensive gift for a close friend or family member, but you do not always need to purchase pricey gifts.

A young couple that will be living on their own for the first time will likely not have many of the basic items that they will need in their kitchen. They may not even be aware of what they will need in the kitchen, so giving them practical gifts can be a great way to really help them get started and establish a life together. Kitchen utensils are often very inexpensive and you could purchase many common items and assemble them in a mixing bowl with a few dish towels as a wedding gift. Items such as can openers, spatulas and measuring cups and spoons are items that many newlyweds will need but may not have thought to put on their registry.

The couple’s registry can, however, be a source of other cheap wedding gift ideas. Reviewing a couple’s registry may give you the opportunity to purchase a few inexpensive items that you are sure that they really want. Many couples include items in all price ranges when they complete their registry and you may find that they are looking for items such as washcloths or coasters that are well within your budget. While these items are not necessarily exciting they are something that the couple does want or else they wouldn’t have included them on their registry. When you choose a registry item to give as a wedding gift you don’t have to worry about whether or not the couple will like the gift.

Newlyweds are often notorious for using candles on a regular basis, so a gift of an assortment of candles in different sizes, shapes, colors and scents can be a wonderful and inexpensive wedding gift idea. Newly married couples use candles often for romantic dinners or any other occasion. For this reason, giving them a gift of candles is a great idea because it is very likely that your gift will be used often.

If you shop around, you may also be able to find very inexpensive picture frames to give as a wedding gift. It is not a bad idea to shop around for items such as picture frames and candles and buy a few of each when you find ones that you really like that are on sale. If you go to a lot of weddings during the year, you are likely to be in the position where you don’t know what to buy for someone, several times a year. If you have an assortment of new picture frames on hand, you can always give the couple a few picture frames as a cheap wedding gift.

Many new couples move into their new house and immediately fill up their basement with an assortment of items that they were given as wedding gifts and that they will likely never use. Many of these items are probably very expensive but if they are not something that the couple wants or needs, it is likely that they will never even use the items. However, cheap but useful wedding gifts are likely to be much more appreciated than the expensive but useless gifts.






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