Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

DIY and Affordable Favors

Dreaming up some homemade wedding favor ideas with your beloved and your wedding party is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. You have undoubtedly heard the expression that it is the thought that counts. That sentiment holds just as true with wedding favors as any gift. Do-it-yourself wedding favors do not have to be big or expensive, just from the heart. Here are a few easy ideas that you can do yourself, but preferably with the help of some good friends. Just grab some drinks and start brainstorming.

  1. Candy Favors. While you can certainly buy pre-assembled candy favors, it is also easy to assemble them yourself. There are many different ways to make them stand out and show your guests how special they are to you. Consider making several sachet type bags out of satin or organza. Find material and ribbon that matches your wedding colors, or buy organza favor bags that are ready to fill. Buy some colorful candy and place it inside the bags. Tie a ribbon around them and add a personalized 'thank-you' tag and the favors are ready to set out on your tables. Some great options for candy are personalized valentine hearts or M&Ms with your names or other sayings on them. A classic candy filling is Jordan Almonds.
  2. Wedding Chocolates. Who doesn't like a good piece of chocolate? You can buy bulk chocolates or pretty molds to make your own. Once they are ready, package them in some pre-ordered favor boxes and add a personal note. You can also order personalized labels for mini Hersey's bars or kisses. All you have to do is buy the candy, stick on the labels, and put them in a favor bag with a tag attached. You can even order Hersey's kisses that have little personalized sayings on the white paper inside. Just be sure to keep the chocolate in a cool place before the wedding so they don't melt.
  3. Wedding Cookies. What's the next best thing to chocolate? Cookies, of course. If you or someone in your family loves to bake, then ask them to make their favorite recipe. A lot of them! Another great idea is fortune cookies with your own personalized "fortunes" inside them. You can order these and package them yourself, or you can buy the regular cookies and print little messages on tiny bits of paper to slip inside. You just need some careful printing from your computer and a little dexterity to get the paper into the cookie. You can choose the bride and groom's name, the date of the wedding, or even something specific pertaining to each guest. Go a little further by dipping the cookies in chocolate before putting them in their boxes. You can buy some adorable little take-out boxes to hold the cookies.
  4. Picture Frames. Picture frames are a very easy way to create a photo wedding favor that is personalized for each guest. You can buy several and decorate them yourself. They do not have to be big or expensive, especially if you are going to decorate them. Find decorations that match the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a beach theme wedding, glue on little seashells and sand. Use pieces of lace and vintage-looking fabric for a vintage theme wedding. Each frame can be decorated differently and you can add pictures of you and your spouse-to-be as a reminder of your love. Another idea is to print cards with favorite sayings or quotes on them to put in the frame, along with your names and the date of your wedding. Place the frames at each table setting and they will add a personalized touch to all your wedding decorations.
  5. Flower Seeds. Flower seed favors and other plantable wedding favors are all the rage these days. Just like with other favors, you can buy them pre-assembled or you can put them together yourself. Make a trip to your local garden store and pick out little packets of seeds in colors that fit your wedding. You can probably negotiate a bulk discount! Order some pretty card stock in your wedding colors from an online wedding supply store and print personalized messages on the cards with your laser or color printer. Glue the seed packet on the back of the card, punch a hole and tie a ribbon and tag to the card, and you're done. Just remind your guests to water their new garden!

Homemade wedding favors do not have to be extravagant or expensive. Sometimes the simplest of ideas is the most elegant, and the personalization of the favor is what your guests will remember most.

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