Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom

“I’ll just wait until closer to the time” – how many of us are guilty of saying this when it comes to buying wedding gifts? Unless you are extremely well organized, which so many of us today are not, you will find yourself in a state of panic a few weeks before the wedding without the slightest clue as to what to get the future couple. So, to help you avoid this, I have outlined some of the best wedding gift ideas around so you can approach the big day with a sense of calm, knowing that you are giving the couple something they will truly cherish.

Make married life easier
With all the stress that surrounds the wedding day, give the couple a gift that helps them relax. Spas are a great gift idea and something both the bride and groom will be extremely grateful for.

Let them get away again
A weekend stay at an exclusive hotel is something any couple will look forward to. You may want to consider a location near you so you can meet up with the couple for dinner. A good time for this gift would be after they return from their honeymoon as it will allow them to adjust into life as a married couple slowly.

Keep them out of the kitchen
Have they ever mentioned a wonderful restaurant they visited together? If so, get them a gift voucher so they can enjoy a special meal there together.

With all new couples, gifts for the home are probably the most valued as these are the things they will use most. Therefore, here are a few ideas for each of the rooms in the house.

Perhaps the most important room in the house is the kitchen, so, a few good ideas for this room include: a bread maker, wok, blender, microwave oven, pasta machine, juice machine, and of course, cutlery.

Dining Room
Most couples who marry today will be moving into a new house so items for the dining room are always useful. Silverware and tableware are among the most important objects but you could also provide them with some candles or cushions for the seats.

Living Room
This room will be used the most – it’s a fact. For that reason, TV trays, a magazine rack, a lamp, and lots of cushions are all very useful items for the new couple. Depending on your budget, a TV and sound system may be a good idea too.

Items such as towels, bath furnishings, his and her bathrobes and bathroom accessories are all excellent gift ideas and will help make a new home feel more comfortable.

For those couples moving into a new home, trees and plants for the garden are always a very nice surprise as not many people think of this.

If you are having trouble finding a gift for a young energetic couple, you may want to consider the following:

Keep them active
Dancing lessons are more fun together and can be very romantic for any couple.

A champagne breakfast in a hot air balloon is amazing and relaxing - an experience they will never forget.

If none of the above has grabbed your attention, you may want to consider a new set of luggage as the new couple will have to pack for their honeymoon. In the end, if all else fails and you find yourself out of ideas, with so many gifts being received sometimes the gift of choice is good too. Money and the choice for the couple to buy what they want can perhaps be the best gift of all.

by Damien McKeever



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