Tips for Having an Outdoor Wedding

You and your significant other may have been dreaming about an outdoor wedding since you first became engaged but there are some important factors to consider when opting for an outdoor wedding. The outdoors often provides a setting that cannot be matched by indoor reception hills. Whether you choose a location on the beach, in the mountains or at a neighborhood park the scenery at the wedding is bound to be unparalleled by indoor locations. An outdoor wedding, however, is risky and should be planned carefully to ensure the best possible chances for favorable weather. It is also recommended that you have some type of contingency plan in case Mother Nature decides to make an unscheduled appearance at your wedding.

Choosing the location for an outdoor wedding is critical. This decision is based largely on personal taste such as what type of climate and terrain you would like. It is not only important to choose a convenient location but it is also important to plan your wedding for a time that is likely to have favorable weather. You should also consider a location that offers you the opportunity to have an outdoor ceremony and reception but also offers a contingency plan in case the weather becomes unbearable. While you may have preferred to exchange your vows outdoors it is sometimes necessary to make a practical decision especially if it is one that will keep your guests warm and safe.

Dressing appropriately for the conditions is also very important for an outdoor wedding. While you may sometimes be able to get away with wearing summery attire in the winter for an indoor wedding, this is simply not a wise idea to do so when you are having an outdoor wedding. For this reason, you should be sure that you will be happy with a wedding dress that looks beautiful on you despite the weather conditions and that does not cause you to become uncomfortable.

Besides the potential threat of weather, acoustics are another major problem when it comes to outdoor weddings. The use of a PA system might help with ensuring that the guests are able to hear the ceremony and that the wedding video is getting accurate coverage of the audio aspects of the wedding ceremony.

Out of town guests may be at a particular disadvantage when it comes to outdoor weddings. Those who live nearby have the advantage of just opening a door or window to see what the temperature is like and therefore how they should dress for the wedding. If the weather changes quickly, out of town guests may be left with no appropriate clothing to wear for the wedding. You might want to consider calling out of town guests the day before they are schedule to leave for their trip so that you can give them an accurate account of the current weather. This little bit of an update can help them out tremendously in terms of deciding what to pack.

When you opt for an outdoor wedding, you should consider choosing colors that will be attractive in an outdoor setting. Colors that will blend in with the natural surroundings as opposed to clashing with nature are advisable for an outdoor wedding.

Many couples dream of an outdoor wedding but it is important to realize that this type of wedding may require many precautions. The day of your wedding may be absolutely beautiful and you may not need to utilize any of your contingency plans but it is still a good idea to have these plans in place just in case you need them.


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