Wedding Preparations: The Five Golden Rules

Planning a wedding can be a lot like preparing for a marathon. If you just do a few light stretches here and there, a few practice runs when you feel like, and no clear training schedule, then your hopes of completely the race is fairly dim. Weddings require the same careful preparation and planning, whether you have a year or just 2 months to plan the whole event. Without a detailed timeline and task list, you will end up exhasuted on the day, when you should be relaxed and enjoying yourself.

But what can you do to make a very real, positive difference to your wedding experience? By following these ‘Five Rules of Wedding Organisation ’you will find the whole process so much more enjoyable. These include:

  1. Getting your priorities right from the beginning
  2. Believing in your ability to make your own decisions
  3. Creating and sharing your vision
  4. Being a leader
  5. Assigning clear-cut roles for the bride and groom

On establishing these guidelines, you have the perfect starting point and are well prepared to make the right decisions to help build the wedding you really want.

Unfortunately, not all couples who want to get married will plan their big day as they should. Most couples, in fact, do not realize how far in advance they need to start organizing, occasionally with disastrous effects. For example, here is the general timeline to follow for one of the most important parts of your wedding - getting all your friends and family to come!

26 Weeks before
Begin viewing invitations by visiting different invitation companies. And also, decide what flowers will be used by the bride and for the wedding reception.

20 Weeks before
Invitation design should be chosen and begin being made. It is important to order the right number of invitations now and perhaps a few extra as it can be very expensive to have a couple extra made at a later date.

14 Weeks before
All invitations collected should be given to guests.

6 weeks before
All RSVPs will be required back. As some people will always be late, this gives you enough time to chase up any stragglers.

1 month before
The reception venue needs to know exactly how many people will be attending

Wedding Day
Sit back and enjoy!

By following the five golden rules of priorities, decision making, shared vision, leadership and clear delegation of roles, your special day should be just that - free from any hiccups and mishaps. If you only remember one thing, let it be this - success lies in preparation.

Need help managing your budget as tightly as your timeline? Wedding Planning on a Budget is a guide which takes you through calculating your budget and working with whatever amount you can afford to create a dream wedding. The couple who wrote it, Tim and Lisa Spooner, saved $22,000 on their own wedding and have been giving great advice to other couples since 2006.


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