Creative Wedding Ideas

Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas for the Modern Bride

Does it seem as if all the supposedly creative wedding ideas you come up with have been done before? Want to do something that's 'not your parents' wedding? Here are few non-traditional wedding ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Choose a Theme: This is the way that most couples today create a unique wedding that reflects their personalities. Think about what the two of you love to do together, or what you have a passion for. It could be a hobby, a type of food, movie or movie genre, literature, sport, design, fashion, place or destination, period in time, song or type of music, leisure activity, language or culture, animal, and so on. The possibilities are endless. Even if someone has done that theme before, it will be unique when you do it your own way.

Pick an Unusual Location: More than likely, your parents were married at a traditional location, such as a hotel, catering venue, church, synagogue, temple or other religious location. You have a world of options open to you. As with a theme, picture the type of backdrop or environment that would look great in a wedding photo. After all, the photos will be your way of remembering your wedding in 50 years. Ideas include national parks, historic houses, seashores, mountains, trendy lofts, sailboats, museums and galleries, festivals, or even an amusement park. I've never heard of anyone having a wedding at Great Adventure, but can you imagine yourself in your wedding gown racing down a roller coaster? If so, that would certainly be unique.

Serve Non-Traditional Food: The traditional wedding includes a cocktail hour with food stations, a sit-down dinner, and a huge cake. Go for something different by focusing on the food you love. Are you a chocolate fanatic? Give all the food some type of chocolate theme or shape. Do you have a passion for Chinese food? Serve all your favorite dim sum, noodles, Peking duck, or sweet and sour chicken. Can't survive the day without your afternoon tea? Have a tea party wedding complete with scones, miniature sandwiches, crumpets, biscuits (cookies), and a variety of teas in delicate teacups. The only caveat is to make sure that your guests are fed. If you are only having dessert, make sure it is clear on the invitation so that people don't come expecting a big meal.

Change the Dress Code: If you're the type of person who would rather be in jeans or sweatpants and the thought of having to get dressed up fills you with dread, go casual. Or, set a color scheme or theme as the dress code. For example, you could request that everyone wear at least one item that has pink in it. Tell the men that they have to wear the ugliest or most bizarre tie they can find, and tell all the women to wear a glittery scarf. You could even tell everyone they have to wear flip flops, sneakers, or sandals - no high heels or dress shoes allowed.

Break Away From the DJ: Not everyone loves to dance, so don't feel obliged to have a DJ or band. Provide entertainment that you will enjoy, even if it's not the norm. If you have a theme, you can match the entertainment to the theme. Examples include belly dancing, break dancing, a jazz sax player, old movie film clips and music, trivia games, casino games, video games, singers, magicians, or any type of competition. Laser tag, anyone?

Pick one or more non-traditional wedding ideas and work them into different aspects of your wedding. You will end up with a truly unusual day that all your guests will remember. Most importantly, it will be uniquely yours.

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