Disney Weddings with a Character Theme

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Many little girls dream of a fairy tale wedding and becoming the princess that they have always wanted to be, even if just for a day . If your wedding day is approaching and you have opted to have a Disney wedding, there are a couple of different ways you can go with this theme. You can opt for the fairytale princess wedding or you can opt for the cute, whimsical Disney character related theme. For a Disney wedding theme, the key is to use your favorite characters as a motif without being overwhelming.

Disney Theme Invitations

For a Disney wedding that is centered on actual Disney characters, the invitations can be created with an image of your favorite character on the front, such as Cinderella and her prince. Choose colors that are bright and cheerful,l such as yellow, red, orange, purple, hot pink, blue and green. When you begin the planning it will be easier if you choose only one or two characters to design the theme around, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Sleeping Beauty and her prince, or even Hercules and Meg. Just try not to be so cute that it looks more like a child’s birthday party than a wedding!

A Disney Wedding Venue

The ultimate venue for a Disney wedding is Disney World or Disney Land, if you can make it a destination wedding. You could even get married on the Disney cruise line. If neither of those is possible, you will have to use your decorations to bring out your theme and make it clear to everyone.

Decorations for Character Themes

The decorations should be fun, playful and colorful. Incorporate your favorite character into a few different details of the reception. For example, have an ice sculpture in the shape of the character or shaped like the Disney Castle. Centerpieces can be pretty floral displays that have your Disney characters peeking out, surrounded by Charming Pumpkin Coach Candles that double as favors. Use a cute cake topper with your characters, such as the Disney theme Micky and Minnie cake topper, with them driving away in their car or the vintage style Porcelain Cinderella Fairytale Cake Topper.

Character Theme Favors

The favors could be a variety of fun items such as cookies that have been decorated to look like your favorite characters or cupcakes with brightly colored icing and a candy character on top. Purchase clear cello candy bags, place a Disney or Cinderella label on each, and have a candy bar where guests can fill them with retro candies that you ate as a kid. Key chains and photo frames are always great wedding favors and can be found very easily with several different Disney characters, especially the princesses. A couple elegant favors that would also be great at a bridal shower are the Fairy-Tale Pumpkin Coach Trinket Box or the Cinderella Coach Sun Catcher Ornament favors, which will be used for years to come.

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