A "Perfect Pear" Wedding for the Perfect Pair

"Perfect Pear" wedding theme ideas for decorations, food and favors

On your wedding day, all your friends and family have to agree that you and your groom are meant to be and are a “perfect pair”. Therefore, why not do a play on words with the perfect pear wedding as your theme? Use pears throughout the ceremony and reception to add a cute and adorable decorative theme to your wedding that showcases just how perfect you are for each other. You can even start to indicate your theme with supremely elegant Perfect Pair Wedding Invitations. Pears are not that difficult to integrate into a wedding theme in a sophisticated way, but here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Main Decorations

Your main decorations will be the ones for the ceremony location and the reception hall. The areas that need to be decorated include walls, pillars, columns, chairs and floors. Use baskets of faux pears to place on top of pillars at the end of aisles at the ceremony. Move those same baskets to the reception hall and place in corners to fill up the space. Use swags of tulle to decorate down the aisles at the wedding ceremony and dangle mini pears from the tulle at each end. Tie small pears to garlands and spiral them up and down archways and columns throughout the ceremony and reception.

Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements can be expensive. A perfect pear wedding theme can actually save money, since faux or real pears can be used as large fillers for floral arrangements. Purchase pears in bulk online and give them to your florist to integrate into centerpieces, bouquets and accent arrangements. This will help bring down the costs of floral fillers as well as integrate your pear theme.

The Wedding Cake and Food

The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. Therefore you should integrate your pear theme into your cake details in some way. Create a white or ivory cake and top it off with a pair of pears as the cake topper if you are looking for a simple cake. Ask your cake decorator or bakery if they can use a pear and cinnamon filling or create a pear puree for filling the layers. Then your cake will look and taste the part! Request your caterer make a dish or two that uses pears to carry on the theme. Pork and beef dishes go well with pear slices or purees, so ask your caterer if they can provide a creative dish that utilizes the look and flavor of the pear.

Table Decorations

You will want the table decorations to carry on the theme, since this is where most of your guests will sit throughout the reception. Fill rustic baskets full of faux or real pears or find large glass bowls that you can fill with a mix of different types of pears in different colors. If you are looking for a simpler table decoration, purchase pear-shaped candles and place on decorative plates as your centerpiece and to provide additional lighting. Use silver pear place card holders to tell each guest where they will sit at the reception.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an incredibly easy way to incorporate your perfect pear wedding theme while showing appreciation to your guests for coming. Give away pairs of bride and groom pear shaped soap favors as “his and her” gifts or a lovely "perfect pear" trinket box for the ladies. If you are looking to go green this year, give away fresh pears to each guest along with a thank-you note tied onto the stem with a ribbon.


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