Wedding Cake Toppers

What is the first thing that everyone looks at when they enter the reception? The wedding cake, of course! Make your own cake stand out with our wide range of elegant, humorous, custom, or vintage wedding cake toppers.

Your wedding cake is often the biggest decision brides agonize over, next to the dress and the groom himself. Considering that it disappears by the time the reception is over, it's worth making sure every bite counts. We have a wide range of wedding cake toppers that will be a keepsake for many years to come, even after that last delicious crumb is consumed. Browse our selection of funny wedding cake toppers for something that will get your guests talking and laughing from the start. Our traditional and vintage cake toppers fit right in at any elegant, stylish wedding. Initial and monogram cake toppers are a choice that blends with any theme and provide the perfect touch for a modern wedding cake. And don't think that bride and groom wedding cake toppers are traditional necessarily. There are many custom cake toppers that feature brides and grooms that reflect you, personally. Take your time and pick the perfect topper for you.

Love phrases in different languages: Portuguese

Portuguese lessons
  • "I miss you"
  • : Estou com saudade de você
  • "Will you marry me? "
  • : Você quer se casar comigo?
  • "I’ll always be by your side "
  • : Eu estarei sempre ao seu lado
  • "I can’t live without you"
  • : Eu não posso viver sem você
  • "My heart is yours"
  • : Meu coração é seu
  • "You look sexy"
  • : Você esta sexy
  • "Together forever and ever"
  • : Juntos para sempre
  • "I love you "
  • : Eu te amo    
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