Colored Boxes with Ribbon and Candy (8 Box Colors)


Product Features

Choice of 8 colors, including Tiffany blue, 3 pastels, textured white or ivory, lilac, or chocolate brown
Choice of 11 different coordinating ribbons
Select white candy coated chocolate hearts or Jordan Almonds
Size: 2" x 2"
Allow 2 weeks for assembly
Minimum order of 30


Searching for a little "something blue" for your wedding decorations? These tiffany blue wedding favors will add that, or almost any other color to your tables. Choose from a Tiffany style blue box wrapped in bright white satin ribbon, or a large selection of other box and ribbon color combinations Fully assembled, these beautiful boxes are filled with five white candy coated chocolate hearts or Jordan Almonds. A wonderful touch of color for a wedding shower luncheon, or to complete your wedding table decorations. Tiffany blue box will come with ribbon around box both ways, other colored boxes will have ribbon around box one way.

From Favors by Serendipity
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