Featured in InStyle and seen on Oprah, a new sophisticated way to create drinking a cup of tea into a rewarding sensory experience. A perfect favor whether you are having a tea party wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or an Asian themed event.

Each Sachet includes whole-leaf teas and rough cut herbs and brews two cups of tea to perfection. To use, place into a cup or small pot, and the open weave of the infuser allow the full range of exquisite flavors to be extracted, producing an extraordinary tea experience.

The tea trays (purchased separately in Related Products on order form) are an integral part of the experience. They make a beautiful presentation at the place setting with the tea in it's protective box, and provide a beautiful resting place for the infusers after steeping.

*Citrus Mint: Literally breathtaking, our Citrus Mint provides a chill that truly warms the spirits and amplifies the enjoyment of any meal. The perfect finale to every sumptuous dining experience. Our blender's touch of lemon peel nears genius. Naturally caffeine free.
*Earl Grey: Rich Indian tea, Italian pressed bergamot, and marigold petals bring a modern twist to this elegant classic. Contains caffeine.
*English Breakfast: Classic breakfast tea at it's finest. Rich and smooth flavor with a full body and aroma. Our perfectly balanced blend of superb India teas steep a great cup, morning, noon or evening. Try this tea straight up or add milk and sweetener to your taste.
*Oasis: Oasis is a healing blend of green tea, spring flowers and citrus infusions. Naturally high in anti-oxidants, a restorative cup providing a respite from the stress of everyday life. Low in caffeine.
*White Ambrosia: Our fine white tea melds seamlessly with delectable fruits, vanilla and slices of coconut to create a cornucopia of aromatic delights. Healthful, yet sinfully flavorful, the liquor of this tea begs to be tried both as a stand alone and with your favorite honey or sweetener. Low in caffeine.
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